Record Numbers in Real Estate

I have been saying to everyone that the market in Las Vegas is booming... here are the comparison numbers from October and November 2005 compared to present:

2005 October - Sales Volume = 2,574
2005 November - Sales Volume = 2,441

2009 October - Sales Volume = 3,535
2009 November - sales Volume = 3,117

We are selling more homes in Vegas than the real estate boom... get your share of the pie.

Don't Miss the Las Vegas Hot Market?

According to reports by Applied Analysis the current real estate market looks like such:
Homes available are at a low of 11372 and 39% of sellers are non distressed owners.
Homes that have contracts and are waiting to clear the contingency are at an all time high of 11033 with 74% being short sales probably awaiting approval from the banks.
The market seems to rebounding back but will the short sales be approved or will they be place back on the market as bank owned. This market makes for interesting conversation. How many cities can say sales are up and inventory is down.. let's see if it is a phase or are we getting back on track.
It is a good time to buy, prices are great, interest rates are low and you get a tax credit. Don't pass up this opportunity, the market appears to be changing. call me to get your maximum buying power.
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